The World Health Association admits the limits of general medicine which even today is not able to establish precise diagnoses for all cases. As an example: 80 % of backaches is not yet diagnosticable. It seems strange, but today general medicine admits that treating symptoms alone is not sufficient and that the so-called "other" medicine may be a valid alternative. In my case, this alternative consists of Chromotherapy, Holistic Foot Reflexology, Dorn Method and Pranotherapy.

Chromotherapy and Holistic Foot Reflexology are recognised by the Complementary Insurance and by most sickness funds in Switzerland.


As to me, I am recognised by and registered with:

  • EMR, Basle (CH) - Personal registration number as terapist: ZSR-Nr. E344279
  • ASCA, Freiburg (CH) - Personal registration number as terapist: W504248
  • EGK-Gesundheitskasse, Solothurn (CH) - Personal registration number as terapist: 22749
  • Visana - sana24 and Vivacare, Visana Services AG, Bern (CH)
  • Groupe Mutuel, Martigny (CH)
Member of diplomaed therapist of the Esogetic Medicine and Colourpunkture by Peter Mandel, Lucerne (CH)