Marco Callegaro

I have chosen various jobs in different fields driven by the strong desire to know man and his humanity. Already as a youth, I was attracted by healing therapies. Finally in 1996, I met an excellent and conscientious therapist who contributed to develop my desire to follow in her footsteps. She has succesfully treated my backache through  Plantar Reflexology and I am still grateful to her for that. Since then, I have been engaged in the study of natural therapies.


2013 Training in Olodynamic-Therapy 5rd and 6th level
Aldo Carrucciu, Centro Aldebaran, Agno (CH) 


2012 Training in Olodynamic-Therapy 3rd and 4th level
Aldo Carrucciu, Centro Aldebaran, Agno (CH) 


2011 Training in Olodynamic-Therapy 1st and 2nd level
Aldo Carrucciu, Centro Aldebaran, Agno (CH)


2009-2010 Taining in LEB NH New Homoepathy by Erich Körbler
Naturwissen GmbH, Wolfratshausen (D) and Brunnen (CH)


2009-2010 Training in Dorn Method
Aldo Carrucciu, Centro Aldebaran, Agno (CH) and Zentrum Bodyfeet AG, Aarau (CH)


2005-2006 Scuola superiore medico-tecnica, (medical-technical higher education)
Trevano-Canobbio (CH)


2001-2004 Various courses of medicine
Heilpraktikerschule Luzern HPS Lucerne (CH)


2003-2004 Training in Chromotherapy / Chromopuncture
Mandel Institute for Esogetic Medicine in Bruchsal (D) and Esogetics GmbH, Lucerne (CH)


2001-2002 Training in Plantar Reflexology 
Centro Internazionale di Yoga, Rita Eggs, Canobbio (CH)