The foot zone massage is based on the studies and observations of Dr. Williiam H. Fitzgerald (1872-1942). He was the first to divide the human body into 10 longitudinal zones that, starting from the fingertips, run the length of the body and the head and reach the toes. Internal organs correspond to certain points of the foot and the hand and can be treated with Reflexology.

The "Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet" by Hanne  Marquardt is undoubtedly  the basic work on the subject.

Zone therapy has been used in India and China for more than 5000 years. Several American Indian tribes know the reflex relationships and they treat their diseases using such techniques.


With Plantar Reflexology we can improve the blood circulation, thereby purifying the organism, tonifying the neurovegetative system and rebalancing the psychophysical state of the body.



The Plantar Reflexology is recognised by the complementary Insurance and by most health
insurance companies in Switzerland.